What is Takaful? – The Essential Facts

Interest in Takaful in Malaysia has steadily increased over the past few years with more & more Malaysians discovering the range of Takaful Plans as well as the benefits of choosing Takaful vs Conventional Insurance Plans.


Today we share some of the essential must know facts about Takaful, types of plans as well as answer some of the most asked questions about Takaful to help you make an informed decision when applying for your preferred Takaful plan.

What is Takaful?

And how is it different from Conventional Insurance Plans

Takaful is defined as a form of Islamic insurance which derives from the core concepts of Islamic Banking (Muamalat). Takaful is perceived as a cooperative or mutual insurance where members contribute a certain sum monthly for their desired plan to a common pool of which reimbursement or repayment of loss to policy holders are made in a form of profit sharing which often results in lower monthly premiums with a higher compensation payout.

What are The Types of Takaful Plans?

And Choosing a Plan That Suits You Best

Choosing the right Takaful Plan today might not be as easy as it once was. Today there is a wide range of plans that cater to different needs. Among choices are:

  • Takaful Investment Plans
  • Takaful Medical / Health
  • Takaful Personal Accident Plans
  • Takaful Home Coverage Plans
  • Education Takaful

While it is important to have Investment Plans, Medical Coverage and of course Education Plans for your children, we often overlook the most essential plan to have which is Personal Accident Takaful.

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What is Personal Accident Takaful?

And Do I Really Need It?



Accidents can and will happen at any given time. May it be at home, at school, at work or even on holiday, it is vital that EVERYONE has a comprehensive accident plan to ensure that if or when an accident occurs, you are covered financially.

While most would often rely on Takaful Medical Cards, the truth of the matter is that often, there could be some additional out of pocket expenses that might not be covered by most medical cards and furthermore the additional costs of follow-up treatments and care.

Dealing with Takaful & Insurance Agents

When dealing with Insurance or Takaful agents, it’s important to know a couple of things beforehand to ensure you get the most out of your decision.

Here are some essential tips: –

  1. Be Truthful when providing your information
  2. Be clear about your wants and needs
  3. Apply for plans that you know you will be able to afford
  4. Always refer to the company’s helpline or support in case of doubt


Here at EZTakaful we provide the opportunity for Malaysian residents to apply for Takaful directly with us by way of Online Registration, Phone Application, Mobile App and/or via SMS.

Have peace of mind and an additional sense of security knowing that you will be getting the right advice and guidance directly from the company. We trust these valuable tips, advice and information will help you better plan and choose the right coverage for your lifestyle and budget.

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