EZCover – protecting you and your family

Eligible ages: 18-70

EZCover is the responsible choice when your family depend on you. There’s no medical examination and your acceptance is guaranteed if you’re aged between 18 to 70.

Key benefits of EZCover:

  • Up to RM525,000 in lump sum cash for Accidental Death and Total Permanent Disability
  • Up to RM250 in a weekly cash “living benefits” for Temporary Total Disability

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Enhance your plan with up to 4 additional lump sum cash payouts

Are you on the road a lot? Do you worry about being a victim of crime? You can customize EZCover to suit your lifestyle by choosing additional cash payouts of:

Up to RM250,000 for Traffic Accidents

Up to RM1,250 for Hospital Emergencies

Up to RM250,000 for Theft & Snatch robberies

Up to RM1,000,000 for Air Travel Accidents

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How EZCover works . . .

Amar is enrolled in the EZCover Premier plan with 2 add-ons for traffic accidents and hospital emergencies. Unfortunately he is injured in a car accident that leaves him permanently unable to work.

Amar and his family will receive the following payouts from their EZCover plan:

1) Total Permanent Disability RM 315,000
2) Traffic Accidents RM 150,000
3) Hospital Emergencies RM 750
TOTAL RM 465,750
All for under RM1.60 a day!

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