Cover Yourself from the Dangers of the Road

Malaysia is ranked within the top 25 most dangerous countries for road users. The number of road accidents from 2004–2014 have significantly increased by nearly 50%. One out of two road accidents are involves motorcycles. This is not surprising from the fact of the unprotected nature of the motorcycle rider. Surprisingly, two thirds of motorcycle … Continued

Ways to Get Productive

Are you struggling with the endless list that needs to be done? Need help to be more organized ? Here are some productivity hacks that will help you stay more organize and speed up efficiency in your daily life.

Takaful vs Conventional Insurance: Do They Even Compare?

Last week we looked at what makes insurance Takaful. That is, what basic criteria it must meet in order to comply with Shariah law. But what makes it better than conventional insurance to begin with? The answer becomes more obvious once we acknowledge that, at the heart of Takaful lies an ethical structure that’s universally … Continued