How Smartphones Have Changed Our Lives

Years ago, if we went out and realized we had left your wallet at home, we might feel unsecured and had to return home quickly.  Nowadays, what if we left the smartphones at home?  We may feel completely lost. Without the can-do-all device at your fingertips…how are we going to surf the internet, know our … Continued

Top Must Have Apps for Your Smartphone

Last week we compared some of the key device differences between iOS and Android. This week the EZTakaful blog looks at the Apps that run on these platforms and allow you to do many fun and cool things on your smartphone!   What Are Apps? ‘App’ is the short form for ‘application’ – which means … Continued

The Battle of the Smartphone Platforms

October sees the EZTakaful blog discussing topics from the ever-changing and vast world of Technology! Gizmos, gadgets, apps, social media and smartphones will all be covered this month.   In this first installment of this new series we focus on the classic battle tech geeks have been arguing for years…iOS versus Android. What is a … Continued